Welcome to All Therapy Friends

Welcome To TherapyFriends !

Continuing Our Therapeutic Journey Together

TherapyFriends can help encourage positive choices, promote self-esteem, share your unique perspectives, and introduce new ideas.

Being a TherapyFriend


We are a team of mental health professionals and users of therapy who wish to promote a more self aware and sensitive community. 

If you have had therapy, are thinking of doing so or are a healthcare professional looking for a friendly website, TherapyFriends may be for you!

Get more out of life by being a TherapyFriend! Fill out your profile, meet new friends, and continue your journey together. Join our support and writing groups, FriendTalk forums and hobby groups!

Friends and groups can help encourage positive choices, promote self-esteem, and introduce new ideas.

Who is TherapyFriends for?

TherapyFriends is for people who are interested in understanding who they are, why they do what they do and the effect this has on themselves and others. If you have had counselling/therapy/ alternative therapy or have thought of having it, TherapyFriends might be for you !

  • For those who feel they know their own recurring patterns, relational issues etc.
  • Gained self knowledge in spiritual ways.
  • Shy, reflective, thoughtful people
  • Those who have had relationship counselling, anger management counselling, psychotherapy for identified and unidentified issues.
  • Those who are or have been in psychoanalysis or psychotherapy.
  • People above 18 years of age
  • Practising and non-practising psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors.
  • Mental health workers, social support workers, psychiatric nurses etc
  • People in experiential group work, support group work, psychological groups etc.

What does TherapyFriends offer?

  • A chance to meet like-minded people, who like you, have been on a similar inner reflective journey.
  • Wellbeing classes such as yoga and meditation.
  • Support groups for those who would like to deal with loss and rejection.
  • Friendtalk forums and hobby groups.
  • A chance to write posts and articles, for those inclined. 

Who is it not for?

  • For people looking for a dating site
  • For fraudsters – we are keeping a tight check on those looking to cheat and exploit other people
  • For trolls, etc

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to show qualifications for Therapypro?

No, you don’t. Therapyfriends is primarily a friendly site, not an ethical body nor do we offer therapist referrals. From time to time, we might conduct random checks to see if our professionals are still listed with their ethical bodies.

Do I have to ‘prove’ I had therapy ?

No, we don’t want proof, neither would it be nice to look for it. We expect that a site such as Therapyfriends invites honesty. Also, some people may be wanting to have therapy and some of the activities here, such as support groups, might serve the purpose of opening the door to get a taste of what it might be like.

What do the rates mean ?

Our basic membership is a £10 registration one off fee and £10 per month so you can enjoy Friendtalk forums and online group discussions in the safety of a well run website. This helps us cover the costs of running it smoothly.

Do I have to pay separately for support and writing groups ?

Yes. The rates are given in the Events list which you can put in your shopping basket.

Why are the support and writing groups costly ?

Our support groups are run by experienced and qualified professionals. In order to ensure smooth running of groups, considerable experience is required.  Besides, our facilitators work in well known institutions and so, you can assured you are in good hands. 

Can I join just for Friendtalk forums and special interest groups ? And what does this cost me ?

You can join just for the forums and groups. It will cost you £10 one off for registration and £10 per month. In future, we hope to subsidise these costs.

What is the difference between posts and events ?

Posts give you information about the website and its various activities. Events give you the timings and costs and a description of the facilitators.

Our Mission Statement

Reflective work can instil in us a deeper understanding of our inner world and how we relate to  others. It might be easier to socialise, share hobbies and interests, travel and have fun with like minded people. Our website will help you find people who have been on this unique journey and understand its meaning. 

Whether you are looking for friendship or activities to do with friends, partners or family, let us help you find those who are on a similar journey!

The Second Brain in your Gut

We’ve all experienced sensations like queasiness and butterflies when faced with challenges, or felt ‘sick to the stomach’ when things don’t go well. According to Mayer, the brain labels memories of such situations with the effect they had on our gut.