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Our Workplace Resources

Our Corporate membership offers company leaders and staff alike full access to our TF Workplace Resources, including the ability to message others on TherapyFriends, special in-depth articles on workplace issues, and participation in several Corporate-only forums and groups.

TF provides helpful resources for navigating the corporate work environment:

Feel free to take any of our Workplace Issues Surveys below too!
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Workplace Articles

Our workplace articles designed for a staff and corporate audience are tailored to illuminate and help enhance our understanding of common issues we encounter in our work lives.

TF News

Small Talk is Good for You

Building rapport with strangers can leave people feeling heard, respected, and emotionally validated. These random opportunities to engage in small talk can help boost moods and erode loneliness.

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Care in Crisis: Crushed Humanity ?

The sense of being beleaguered was true not just of low-paid healthcare assistants and social care workers, but also of GPs, consultants, professors and directors of nursing.

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“Link Executive pay to Climate Goals”: Carney

Speaking at the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative roundtable on Tuesday, the former central bank boss said lenders should – at the very least – be transparent over whether or not pay is being tied to climate targets.

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From Arts to Tech ?

For many workers who would ordinarily be earning a living in theatres, live music venues and nightclubs, which largely still remain closed in the UK, however, retraining has been a harsh reality since they lost their jobs in March.

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Workplace Issues Surveys

We have put together a series of surveys for both workplace skills and issues, and general personal wellbeing, covering overall job strengths and wellbeing in and out of the workplace.

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Workplace Issues Services

Including classes and seminars by professionals, our workplace issues services are ideal for serving the needs of staff working in the corporate/office environment.

For referrals, please contact  BACP, UKCP, BPC, BABCP, HCPC, or BPS.

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TF Workplace Groups and Forums

Join with other TherapyFriends to explore subjects of interest to you! 

Each of our interest groups has a forum where you can post images, discuss specific topics, and meet other like-minded people on your path to wellbeing!

Workplace Issues

The workplace offers a myriad of challenges for managers, employees, contractors and support staff to keep things running smoothly.  What issues have you faced, or are facing within the workplace?

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Feel free to take any of our Workplace Issues Surveys too!

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More personal wellbeing resources

We include items relating to staff wellbeing in each TherapyFriends profile.  In addition to helping with our Find-a-Friend matching system, the profile questions can help staff with their own issues.

Wellbeing activities you like!

Our Find-a-Friend matching system relies on you letting us know what you actually like to do!


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