Crappy Films Too, Please

Vanessa Thorpe, in the Gaurdian, reports on a recent interview by the award winning director, Steve McQueen. October 2020.

Steve McQueen, award winning director

The searing 12 Years a Slave won Sir Steve McQueen an Oscar in 2014, establishing him as one of Britain’s top film directors with its great performances and startling storytelling. But does every film from a black director, with a largely black cast, really have to be one that makes a trenchant point with brilliance? Why is it not possible for black talent to make run-of-the-mill, or even “crappy”, entertainment for general consumption?

This is the provocative question McQueen posed on Saturday, as he argued that film-makers of colour are still held to higher standards than their white counterparts.

In a live interview staged by the magazine Esquire, the 51-year-old Londoner said the film industry will only be “in a good place” when poor-quality black-led films also see regular release.

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