December 2020 Newsletter – Part 2

This is the second of the two parts to the December Newsletter. It covers December and ends the year for newsletters. We referred to a ‘Christmas message’ in the November newsletter and if you remember, were ‘corrected’ by the ‘Hand of the Church’ in the earlier December Newsletter Part One. The ‘Hand of the Church’ was none other than Rev. Dr. Paul A Smith, who has delivered a powerful message on TherapyFriends interweaving the cognitive dissonance of retail Christmas and the period of Advent, reminding us that once upon a time Jesus himself was a homeless ‘migrant’. He is publishing his book ‘Intimate Diversity’ -his research on interfaith couples -early next year and we will be very interested to review it, if we may.

Reading his post helped contain the feelings of disorientation this year has brought.  

Some thoughts for Julian Assange, of Wikileaks fame, has been incarcerated in HM Prison Belmarsh, UK, in November this year, reportedly in ill health and Snowden lives in prison-like conditions in Russia. Besides these high profile whistleblowers there are many unknown people who have paid the price for standing up to corrupt organisations, lost their jobs and retreated into the shadows of society, quite broken. 

David Morgan’s indepth article on Whistleblowers (David writes on political and social life) sheds light on why whistleblowers do what they do, the effect of working with them on their consulting analyst (author) and why some of us feel uncomfortable about the subject and turn the other way.

We are in the midst of Brexit negotiations which are not going well. Did they ever? It brings the mood down, with all that is going on. David Morgan has also written on Brexit and an analysis of the xenophobic rhetoric of politicians and citizens. Very sharp. 

Sameer Bhide, IT consultant and author from America has published his book on his extraordinary journey through dark times and offers up tools to deal with crises and adjust to the new ‘normal’-especially for those suffering in the pandemic regime. He provides excerpts of his book in his post. 

Diana Woodhead, yoga and meditation instructor, has been putting out a series of postures and exercises to do on TherapyFriends-for the neck, shoulders etc- if you have been sitting in front of a screen or texting too often and too long. Her latest is the mountain pose or Tadasana which really anyone could do, speaking from a fairly rigid standpoint. If you type her name in the search bar, all the posts should come up, including sleeping tips. 

Al James has reviewed The Spanish Princess, The Moderator and the Great British Menu-current and trending available on different sites. He is known to have little tolerance for bad viewing, so one can trust his judgment.

This Newsletter ends the year 2020 though there might be small announcements. The next newsletter will be in January 2021.  We have started putting some interesting, sensitive and inspirational material in the premium level, so we encourage you to subscribe to it while it is still going at subsidised rates. If not, you can purchase ‘one off’ premium articles at present. The rest of the website remains free to signed up members.  In the New Year, you may find Sudhir Kakar, psychoanalyst, one of the two authors (the other was Wendy Doniger) of the best-known Kamasutra translation, who begins his lecture by posing the question:

One of the following answers is false. Guess which one.

  1. Kamasutra is the best-known Indian book
  2. It has sold 35 million copies till today all over the world
  3. Kamasutra is a book on positions in sexual intercourse.
  4. It is the oldest surviving book on erotic love. 

The lecture shall be revealed, along with the answer, next year. We are looking for other kinds of psychotherapy and lived experiences so please suggest or write. There will be something on dramatherapy soon. 

Some of you indicated that you wanted to find friends and we had set it up so you could, but this initiative has not taken off as yet. Maybe you can tell us on what you think we must do to get it going.  

Keep safe, have a restful break, refer your friends to Therapyfriends, respond to us and do criticise. There is an exotic saying, ‘Keep the critic close to you, in fact, next door’ (translated).  Having said this, do tell us ‘positive’ things too.  

Reminder: Raine Geoghegan’s workshop on ‘Writing from the Heart’ is coming up on January 14, 2021 on zoom. Raine has many achievements and is on TherapyFriends so you can browse and find her.  

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We have alot going on at TherapyFriends, and we put the hightlights into our monthly TF Newsletter for our valued subscribers.

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