December 2020 Newsletter-Part 1

There are two parts to the December newsletter because there is a lot to write about and we like to keep our posts short so this is the first part. This newsletter covers the latter part of November. 

Dear TherapyFriends,

We now have signed up members from Australia, America, Canada, Denmark, India, Belgium, Bulgaria, Nepal, Turkey and Israel. Different time zones, environment and cultures. Welcome to all. Therapyfriends is meant to be an ‘inclusive’ website and we are interested in hearing unique voices from far and near. From the posts you will know that we enjoy a strong opinion.

Starting off, David Morgan’s (psychoanalyst) formidable tour de force on Psychoanalysis, Politics and Society is academic and lucid and is presented in two posts. The posts are a round up of thinking/thinkers on the subject of politics, feminism, war, capitalism, racism. Having recently published his books on the subject, David is with us on TherapyFriends so if you want to comment on his post, please do.

Authors generally like it. He might respond.

Reading his articles helped strengthen the spirit against the relentless capitalist regimes we all either belong to and/or are invariably affected by. Our environment, the wildlife we co-exist with, the air we breathe and the water and food we consume- are jeopardised for petty gains. 

We live on a planet with other living creatures who are so majestic and different from us humans that it is hard to make comparisons. However, when animals protect their young ferociously, mourn their dead and cope during strife, we see in them what we experience in us. Charles Darwin in his book “The Expression of Emotions of Man and Animals’ (1872) used his observation of animal life to draw comparisons with human emotions. His work is known to have influenced Sigmund Freud and subsequent psychology. On a purely visual note, it is pleasing to look at beautifully photographed wildlife- cheetahs, lions, rhinos, elephants….in their natural habitat.

The Remembering Wildlife project raises money for the conservation and protection of wildlife but the enormity of the problem of preserving wildlife requires more. The project has kindly allowed TherapyFriends to use some of the wildlife photographs which were generously given to the project to raise funds. Lisa James, PR for the project, is with TherapyFriends and you can direct queries/comments to her below the ‘remembering wildlife’ articles.

Vani Moodley, Ayurveda practitioner, has written about Ayurveda, a holistic (mind, body, spirit) practice which is practised by millions around the world and is not surgically invasive.

Last but not least, Gill Frost, psychotherapist, has her personal blog and book where she writes on her subject, a book which came after her awakening, something which can happen to some of us therapists many years after we begin practice.

Also find Ferhat Atik’s post for his book on Vamik Volkan, who wrote extensively on culture and psychoanalysis. Phoenix Publishing House shares these posts with TherapyFriends

The next newsletter, part two, should be in the latter part of December. There are potential new entries.  We stand ‘corrected’ -in the last newsletter we referred to a ‘Christmas message’. Rev. Paul Smith seemed sick and tired of being pushed into giving Christmas messages without pausing for Advent. Sounded interesting so we requested him to write. A surprise reverend might add pen to this end of year message. Religion has a way of making itself felt, despite David Morgan’s critical comment on it (it is tucked somewhere in his article).


TF team

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End of the day, I make no recommendations for any person, but yes, I have seen friends and family be those “better people” with some appropriate substances (including appropriately prescribed medications), an appropriate religion for them, “good-fit” therapy or counselling, or any combination therefrom.

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We have alot going on at TherapyFriends, and we put the hightlights into our monthly TF Newsletter for our valued subscribers.

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