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TF Writing Group: 6 October 2020

October 6 at 16:00pm to 17:00pm

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Meet Robert, your writing facilitator !

Robert Bullard is an enthusiastic and popular trainer in writing skills, specialising in non-fiction. He is the lead writing trainer for several training companies and works regularly for Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Education and the Plain English Campaign. 

For the last five years Robert has been Chair of Writers in Oxford (2015–20) and in 2015 he authored Business Writing Tips: For Easy and Effective Results.

He has experience of running small and large groups, running two-day courses as well as bite-sized 90-minute learning sessions, and working both face to face and online (Zoom and Teams).

Robert has a certificate and BTEC/Diploma in Counselling Skills (Bilston College, 1994), so he has some exposure to personal therapy and working with clients.

How the workshop works :

Robert will give an introductory talk and see where participants are at with their writing.  Since it will be a small group, there will be time to create a roadmap of where you want to be by next term, what you will need to do, and how Robert can help you get there.

Preparation for the first day : Please think of what you want to write before you attend the class. Ideas and some writing should be put on paper or in a file before you come for the class. if possible, identify what research might be required and who your audience might be.

Tips to begin : We feel shy and inhibited about what we want to write the most.

  1. Making revelations about yourself which had not seen the light of day ? To you, this might be extraordinary and embarrassing but it is what makes writing work.

2. Worried you might be that you are hurting the feelings of those dear to you? Writing ought to be a private occupation. Each relationship needs to accommodate privacy and trust.

3. Worried you might appear grandiose ?…yes, there is a possibility. Having said this, some amount of narcissism is required for any individual effort. Your facilitator will guide you when you are off the track.

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