FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

What is TherapyFriends ?

TherapyFriends is an inclusive mental health awareness resource hub bringing together:

  • spirituality,
  • religion,
  • scientific research,
  • counselling
  • psychotherapy, and
  • light-hearted mind-related reviews

Will I have to show qualifications for TherapyPro?

No, you don’t. TherapyFriends is primarily a friendly site, not an ethical body nor do we offer therapist referrals. From time to time, we might conduct random checks to see if our professionals are still listed with their ethical bodies.

Who is TherapyFriends for?

TherapyFriends is for those who are interested in the mind and its health which includes all that affects the mind -environment, inclusiveness, culture, different modalities and gender.

Do I have to pay for subscription ?

At present, it is still free to join.

What do premium levels mean ?

We are still stocking up the premium level material. It will consist of exclusive guided relaxation, inspiration and motivational videos and audio. It will also have more private articles.

Do I have to pay separately for support and writing groups ?

Yes. The rates are given in the Events list which you can put in your shopping basket.

Why are the support and writing groups costly ?

Our support groups are run by experienced and qualified professionals. In order to ensure smooth running of groups, considerable experience is required.  Besides, our facilitators work in well known institutions and so, you can assured you are in good hands. 

Can I join just for FriendTalk forums and special interest groups ? And what does this cost me ?

You can join just for the forums and groups with any FriendLevel membership. In future, we hope to subsidise these costs.

What is the difference between posts and events ?

Posts give you information about the website and its various activities. Events give you the timings and costs and a description of the facilitators.

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