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What is TherapyFriends ?

Is the future of a modern community, Has links to old community life, Exactly what I was looking for, I endorse it for a better tomorrow, Felt like a friendly place

What are you looking for in TherapyFriends ?

I want to find a friend, Personal development, Being part of a community which is therapeutic in nature, Interesting forums, Writing groups, Support groups for anxiety, rejection and loss, Foodie group, Gardening group

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Leaving your parents' home, Death of a parent, A spiritual retreat, Becoming a parent

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Making small talk, Managing difficult people, People like my humour, I am thoughtful

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Indoors Interests

Baking, Creative writing, Home improvement, Houseplant care

Indoors Competitive

Indoors Competitive


Indoors Collection

Indoors Collection

Art collecting

Outdoors Interests

Outdoors Interests

Tai chi, Topiary, Tourism, Vacation, Vegetable farming, Walking

Outdoors Competitive

Outdoors Competitive


Outdoors Collection

Outdoors Collection

Stone collecting