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Foodie group

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Your social qualities

Making small talk, Managing difficulties at work, A good mediator, Good at arguing, Managing difficult people, I am the quiet one, I am the noisy one, People think I am difficult, People think I am too compliant, People like my sensible attitude, People like my carefree attitude, People like my humour, I am thoughtful, I can be selfish

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Genres you like to read

Psychological Thrillers, Historical, Culture, Autobiographies, Biographies, Period drama



Films for pastime/evenings/weekends

Sci fi, Documentary, Satire, Political

Conversation style

Small talk, Lighthearted, Honest and vulnerable, 'Kidding' to and fro

Your favourite pastime

Newspapers, Television, Walks, Observing nature, People watching

Your expectation of your friends

Learn from you, Attend plays together, Go for walks or runs, Leave you alone 50% of the time, Do their own thing 50% of the time

Relationship Status

Single, Separated, On and off relationships

Friendly activities you want do with new friends

Friendship, mentor, Cafe friend, friends who can discuss politics, friends who can give feedback

Self awareness -Understanding of Oneself

Became aware of my anger, Mourned my loss, Aware of father in me, Aware of mother in me, Why my relationships tick


Your Personal Therapy

2- 6 sessions, 13-40 sessions

Indoor Interests

Indoors Interests

Baking, Cooking, Creative writing, Reading, Singing, Social media, Watching television, Writing

Indoors Competitive

Indoors Competitive

Billiards, Bowling, Bridge, Dancing, Darts, Debate, Eating, Fencing

Indoors Collection

Indoors Collection

Ephemera collecting, Fusilately (phonecard collecting), Sports memorabilia, Ticket collecting

Indoor Study

Indoor Study and Observation

Science and technology studies, Social studies, Geography, History, News and views

Outdoors Interests

Outdoors Interests

Flower growing, Hiking, Mountaineering, Museum visiting, Photography, Shopping, Snowboarding, Soccer, Tourism, Travel, Vacation, Walking

Outdoors Competitive

Outdoors Competitive

Australian rules football, Fishing, Tourism, Volleyball

Outdoors Observation

Outdoors Observation

Geocaching, Satellite watching


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