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First of all, most of the great features of the TherapyFriends community are available only to registered users. The first step you should take is to register with us, filling out a few short questions.    Please remember that you have control at all times over which of your profile fields are visible to the public and your connections here.

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Others on this site will see you as “User not found“, and will also be able to view some items in your profile (that you choose to make public).


Our Find-a-Friend matching system depends on you!

Your next step in completing your journey as a new TherapyFriend is to please fill out as much of your profile as you can!

Rather than getting our TherapyFriends from filling out too many forms on sign-up, we rely on you to update your profile when you have time, and when you feel like it!

Then, you can see how closely YOU match to our other TherapyFriend members when viewing their profiles.

About your Profile User not found

You can see on the right your overall progress in filling out each section of your own profile.   We also repeat parts of this throughout the site as a friendly reminder that you haven’t quite finished sometimes.

Please let us know about you

We ask you to provide some general items (like the “Friend Details”), as well as some specific items which our Premium FriendLevels include.

You have control!

Rest assured, you have finite control over your profile data.

Profile fields have a little link under them which give you the choice of saying who can see that item.

If it is something you only want to provide for our matching system (which does not expose your actual answers), then you simply choose “Only Me” as your privacy choice.

The choices you can make are:
  • Public
  • All our TherapyFriends (Registered users we have approved)
  • Connections (TherapyFriends you have approved to connect with you)
  • Only Me (Will not be displayed in your “View Profile”)

We also take precautions against hackers (including anti-hacker insurance!), and back up your precious data routinely in the very rare case of data loss.

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We have alot going on at TherapyFriends, and we put the hightlights into our monthly TF Newsletter for our valued subscribers.

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