Yoga for Love!

Valentine’s day is nearly here; why not try some of Ayurvedic Yogic routines to make your Spring time special.

Diana teaching some great yoga techniques!
Diana teaching some great yoga techniques!

Love making rules

Ayurvedic teachings have some definite suggestions about the role of sex within society. Sex is sacred and intimate relationships are an important part of life. Sexual activity should be avoided after heavy meals whilst hungry or in anger, which could be detrimental to health. The right amount and the right time are also important. Vata should not make love more than once or at most twice a month. Pitta once every two weeks and Kapha two to three times a week.

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The best time for making love is dependant on your and your partners’ dosha. Ayurvedic texts advise you to avoid sex during the day, as daylight hours are used for other purposes. If you make love too frequently, Ojas or the vital energy is reduced and can leave the person weak and open to disease. Ojas can be restored after sexual activity through massage and nourishing drinks, such as almond milk.

Yoga helps you get in touch and love yourself. Working with your partner is also a good idea as they act as a mirror and you can depend on them for support and balance. It’s a good opportunity for growth. Physical exercise helps you get into good shape, feel, and perform better in every area of your life. A shared activity creates a bonding experience to connect and develop trust and understanding and increase libido. Find an open space and practice for at least 30 minutes. Wear loose clothing and be bare footed, breathe through the nose, long deep breaths with the diaphragm. Start slow, allow the body to warm up have a fun laugh. Cool down gently.

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Massage manipulates muscle and skin and is a wonderful way to share loving energy. Oil in Sanskrit means to love and also is for nourishment. Why not treat your partner to a massage after your yoga session? When applying oil, be gentle on thin areas; you can be more vigorous on the feet. Abhyanga is an ayurvedic massage done in the morning or evening. It helps relax and invigorate in the day, and at night time helps you get a restful night’s sleep.

Oils and how to use them:

Massaging with oil helps eliminate toxins and tones the muscles. Sesame oil is good for all doshas, or you can buy an oil blend. Warm the oil before you begin. Start at the head, making clockwise circular movements over the face and ears before going down to the neck and shoulders. Make circular movements over the abdomen and long strokes on the back. Long upward strokes on the limbs, Vigorously massage the feet. Wait 20 minutes before washing off in the shower or bath; you can do this massage to yourself if you do not have a partner.

Practice a loving-kindness meditation on or near Valentine’s day. Start with focusing on the love for yourself before generating out to someone close to you, someone you barely know, and the universe.

A short suggested sequence for sexual health, improved libido and love.

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Goddess PoseUtkata konasana activates sexual energy.

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Lift your arms with an inhale, bring upper arms parallel to the floor and forearms vertical, hands facing forwards. Spread your fingers wide.

Lower into a squat with an exhale. Tailbone drops towards the floor. Lift chest and soften shoulders. Take three slow deep breaths and step your feet back together and lower your arms with an exhale.

Chair Pose Utkatasana Heart opening stimulates diaphragm, tones arms and legs. Increases vitality.

Begin standing tall feet either together or hip-width distance apart. Reach arms towards to sky with an inhale palms facing each other.

Bend your knees with an exhale and shift your hips back and down as if sitting on an imaginary chair. Gaze diagonally downwards. Hold the pose for 3 breaths. Rise with an inhale, then exhale and release arms.

Standing Forward Bend Uttanasana stretches back body, stimulates liver and kidney and calms the mind.

Stand with your feet together, bend forward from your hips with an exhale, reach palms towards the floor; if you are not flexible, bend your knees and place your hands on your shins, let your head hand low. Take slow deep breaths.

Place your hands on your hips and slowly come back to stand.

Cat stretch Marjarisana increases sexual energy and libido, massages reproductive organs.

Start on all fours, bring your wrists under your shoulders and knees under your hips. Your head should be neutral neck long.

Inhale and arch the spine reach head and tailbone to the sky. Let your belly drop towards the floor.

Exhale round the spine and release the head and tailbone to the floor.

Upward facing dog Urdhva Mukha savasana improves circulation in the pelvis

Begin in a four-limbed staff pose, straighten your elbows, and roll your shoulder down your back. Press the tops of your feet into the floor. Hold the pose for a moment.

Bridge Pose Setu bhandasana – improved posture, increased libido, stimulates the thyroid and abdomen.

Lie on your back. Bend your knees and bring your feet near your buttocks, hip-width apart. Push into your feet to lift the hips. Reach your chest towards your chin.

Clasp your hands underneath you and tuck your shoulders under.

Hold the pose and take slow deep breaths.

Unclasp your hands, then exhale to lower. Repeat three times.

Corpse Pose Savasana relaxes the entire body, relieves stress, and refreshes the mind.

Lie on your back. Bring your feet wide and let them flop open. Bring your arms away from your torso, palms up. Hold the pose and take natural breaths. Focus your attention on your breath.

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