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Psychoanalyst, Author and Speaker David Morgan, explores the mind of the whistleblower, the organisation in which whistleblowing occurs and the disastrous repercussions of whistleblowing. December 2020.

Trojan horse

Do not trust the Horse, Trojans, Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks bearing gifts.

(Laocoon 1188.BC)

But what I have discovered is how tough and suspicious our societal attitudes are to people we perceive as different, those who break free from not only our public laws and standards but who undermine all our cosy assumptions about the safety of our world.

When a whistle is blown we all listen and we all have to decide how we react to the people who tell us things we may not want to know.

As with Snowden and Assange it has been the subject of many a supper table conversation.

The article with excellent insights on whistleblowers, as well as some sensitive material based on the author’s research and case studies is available here:

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