Our Ongoing Offers for Writers

Some experiences more than others, change us forever-our beliefs, our mindset, our life.

Therapyfriends would like to hear from you:

Your experience of COVID or other life changing experiences.

Word Count : 1000-2000 words

Why should I ?

You will enrich the community with your experience.

At times, people feel ashamed to talk about their bad experiences. You will help reduce this stigma.

You can use a pseudonym.

We pay – £45. We reserve the right to reject articles which do not fit the categories required.

Continuing our Journey Together with TherapyFriends!All about writing on TF!

Path 1: My life changing experience (before and after COVID)

  1. Some introduction to what your life and belief system was until then.

2. Event that changed you

3. What it is like now

Path 2: A useful experience of therapy

  1. What brought you to therapy
  2. What type of therapy you chose
  3. How it changed you.

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Path 3: I thought I needed therapy till someone/something came along

We are a bit cheesy at Therapyfriends and we like romance, chance interesting encounters or a great person who came along.

Please anonymise individuals and organisations in your life who might be adversely/negatively affected by the article, if published.

Word Count : 1000-2000 words

Conditions: If you want to publish your article on your own website, you must request written permission from the journal editor. If the article is publicly available on our website, we will ask you to post a link. If the article is in our secure member area, we will send you a pdf and a copyright statement to publish on your site. Only this version may be posted.

By taking part in this offer, you give your consent to TF team reading your article and informing you if and when it will be published.

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