Review: The Mandalorian

No, I did not want to see this. Sci-fi does not appeal, even if you tag ‘Star Wars’ onto it. By popular demand and the fact that a lockdown leaves little options for saying ‘no’ within a family unit, without upsetting the majority, I succumbed and after the first episode I was hooked. What you need to do, if you have not seen it, is to get Disney Plus which has a monthly fee. I am sure you can undo your subscription once you have seen this. There are two glorious seasons to watch.

The Mandalorian extends from the Star Wars films. I cannot say which one but it really does not matter. It stands on its own and splendidly. It begins with a tough character ‘Mandalorian’ who is dressed in steel (Beskar, we know later) and masked. He is a bounty hunter and seems ruthless about it at the beginning. Finds his bounty and treats them badly if they protest. If you like the hero to win (mostly) the Mandalorian will not disappoint. At least in the first few episodes.

Then it gets difficult. The Mandalorian finds himself having to look after a ‘prize’ bounty -the little Yoda like character- who is a child (50 years old) and is being ‘bled’ for his M factor by the bad guys. Mandalorian slowly changes and begins to feel protective towards his bounty. The whole ‘parental’ aspect of this masked steeled hero blooms and it is magical.

It is the story of the defended hooded figure who has a heart of gold underneath and when he connects with this heart, he becomes vulnerable. Pedro Pascal’s body language inside the suit is hypnotic.

What is really good about this series is :

Pedro Pascal, Mandalorian

a. The Mandalorian moves from planet to planet (for those who hate it, it will change your mind) and after a while, we get to know the fairly simple characters on the planets and it does not confuse. He moves between not more than four of these planets so it remains simple. There is an isolated desert feel to each planet-very Wild West. Quite calming.

Nick Nolte

On one planet you will meet a little character (Nick Nolte) who is grazing giant fish like creatures who walk around like horses. On another, you will meet a fast talking American woman who has robots she shouts at.

Grogu on Tatooine

b. If you liked Tatooine’s (from the first Star Wars) two suns, you can see them again here. Also, the episodes start and end with lovely illustrations.

Gina Carano

c. Women are fairly robust, starting with Gina Carano. She is refreshing, strong and attractive.

If you want to watch something that will uplift you, this would be the series. It does not have too much blood or gore, if you are not into that kind of thing. The next season will be in December 2021. Cannot wait.

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