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di-anna teaching yoga
di-anna teaching yoga


Shoulder stiffness is relatively common. We all tend to slouch on our chairs or over a book or device which can result in rounded shoulders stiffness and poor mobility. Even driving a car can cause discomfort. When stressed or anxious tension is often held in the shoulders. If you suspect dislocation fracture or separation, or unusual shoulder pain you should seek medical advice.

Yoga offers some simple solutions to help when this is a postural issue. These poses help with shoulder and scapula ability. They can be done seated on a chair, cross legged ,kneeling on the floor or standing.

Bear Hug

Bear hug

Bring your right arm right across your body to hold the outer side of your left shoulder. Give yourself a big hug by bringing the left elbow under the right so that you hold your right shoulder with your left hand. The elbows should be stacked one on top of the other.

Keeping the elbows together, try to raise them as high as possible, and lower them. Practice with the right elbow on the bottom.

Reverse Elbow Hold

Reverse elbow hold

Bring both arms  behind your back with elbows straight and hands towards the ground. Bend your right elbow and try to hold your left elbow with your right hand take two to three deep breaths. Then without letting go of your left elbow try to hold your right elbow with your left hand. After a few breaths, release both elbows, rotate your shoulders forward 3 to 4 times and then back. Repeat the exercise by bending the left elbow first.

Cactus squeeze

Cactus Squeeze

Bend your arms to the side of your body bend your elbows so that the position of your arms resemble a “W”. Bring your elbows below but in line with your shoulders with your fingers pointing upward and the palms facing inwards, framing your neck and face.

Tuck and squeeze the shoulder blades together, lower your shoulder. Be sure to keep your face relaxed and do not allow the head to move forward as you do this.  Hold for 5 seconds, release and repeat 5 times.

Starting a regular yoga practice can help with flexibility, strength and mobility in all areas watch out for workshops and classes in the new year. If you have any requests please let us know.

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