Preparing for your online TF Yoga and Meditation Classes

Research by Healthline suggests that meditation can help with stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, attention disorders, high blood pressure, addictions, memory loss and in controlling pain.

Our TF facilitator, Diana, is an experienced and qualified meditation and yoga practitioner.

Read more in Dianna’s profile here

Please read Diana’s prep tips for attending her class :

Your health

If any new health issues or injuries arise since you completed a health questionnaire or since your last session, you must inform me as far in advance as possible.  We may need to have an online meeting to discuss this.

If you are unwell, you must inform me as far in advance as possible and in order to avoid any additional stress on your body you should not attend class until you are better:

During the Covid19 pandemic, follow government advice regarding cold/cough/flu/fever symptoms or respiratory difficulties.

Setting up your space

For yoga, arrange as much space as possible, somewhere quiet with good lighting and with your pc/tablet in a good place (we will experiment with this in your first session). You will need:

  • a yoga mat (or a non-slip substitute)
  • a blanket
  • a yoga block or 2 (or a book or firm cushion)
  • a yoga belt (or two men’s ties tied together) or stretchy theraband
  • for relaxation sessions, a bolster and/or some cushions for support

For meditation, you need to be sitting comfortably in a quiet space. Tell your family to leave you alone.☺

Using Zoom  and your device

Your device:

  • If your device has no webcam, you will still be able to see me and follow the session but I won’t be able to see you.
  • Zoom is heavy on power: charge your device fully beforehand or use a mains lead and close all other applications.
  • If you can, hook up your TV as your monitor, through HDMI/AUX/AV leads, for a better view.

Access to the session:

  • You will receive a link to register for your session the day before or early the same day. 
  • Register in good time.  After registering, you will receive a further email with the link to join the meeting at the appropriate time.
  • For your first session, join a few minutes early as Zoom needs to download.   
  • When you join, you may be placed in the “waiting room”, I will bring you into the meeting at the start time.

Top right hand corner of screen:

  • You can switch full screen mode on/off here
  • Switch between Gallery view (to see me and other participants) or Speaker view (to see only me) 
  • It is recommended for the session to set the screen to Speaker view and during the community chat to set it to Gallery View
  • Hover over the lowest part of the screen to reveal the menu:
  • Mute/unmute.  Microphone icon located all the way to the left on screen.  Being muted hides any background noise from you from the wider meeting.  To speak, you can “unmute” with the microphone button.
  • Video on/off.
  • There is a chat facility available, in case of audio problems.


  • Zoom freezes or cuts out: If the internet connection is not completely stable.  If this happens, leave the meeting (shown in red on the bottom right of screen) or close the window down and join again using the same link.

Recording of sessions:

  • I will be recording sessions so that I can review them to refine my delivery. I will not share them and they are deleted weekly.


  • I welcome all feedback on the online classes whether in class or by email/message.
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We have alot going on at TherapyFriends, and we put the hightlights into our monthly TF Newsletter for our valued subscribers.

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