TF Newsletter – Oct 2020

Welcome all TherapyFriends!

This is to say hello to new signed ups and a thank you to those continuing to be with us.  We are increasing in numbers slowly but surely and hope to endeavour on this journey of creating a more sensitive and caring online community, a ‘halfway house’ between the therapeutic and real world. We hope you begin to respond to each other towards creating a community.

In view of the continuing problems with COVID and the deteriorating employment and mental health situation, we are changing our membership guidelines. In view of your continued support, we extend an offer of £29.99 for two years. This offer is open till Christmas 2020. Please do subscribe !

If you have enjoyed being with us and see this as a good resource for therapy users and therapists, do become members and support us.  We need people like you to take this forward.

We have exciting things to look forward to. World known bloggers and authors who engage with mental health are joining us and you will see some of them among the posts. We already have David Morgan, Sudhir Kakar and Jules Evans, Philosophy for Life joins us this month. Please do suggest people from other approaches to make this website more balanced.

Besides these, you will see people who add meaning and texture to the posts with their personal stories and insights -see Rabbi Baruch Weiss and Mohan’s posts.  There is an interesting surprise for the Christmas message. Another welcome in store is for our Muslim therapy users who are writing their posts which will come later in the year.

We are also developing a mobile friendly version and an app which will reach out to the new generation. 

We are always happy for subscribers to suggest what more could be done and if you know someone who might want to write, or write yourself, of course.

Our groups for this year are closed now. Do keep an eye for exciting things next year. We also encourage you to refer a friend. They will get the benefits of having joined us this early in the life of Therapyfriends.

If you find that you are not receiving any messages etc, please let us know. Also, if you need some help with the website, do email us on: and we will get our helpful website developer and administrator, to answer your email. 

Kind regards,

TF Team

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