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Is learning to box empowering ? Would it benefit you if you learned to throw out a few punches in the air ? The Starkeys believe so and they have proof for it. Read about their ‘Inclusive Hub’ mission and take a look at their lively videos. Please donate to their cause just below or at the bottom of the page, if you can. September 2020.


Founded by the father and son team-Gerard and Liam Starkey, it exemplifies how people do extraordinary things for their community. Says Liam Starkey, “We are a CIC that provide inclusivity to people of any age or ability through non contact boxing, fitness and education.”

The Hub started back in 2016 helping small groups of Autistic children around Kirkdale, UK, take part in non-contact boxing and fitness sessions.

As its popularity grew around Liverpool, so did the numbers and range of abilities of people taking part like Downs Syndrome, ADHD, Amputees, wheelchair users, behavioural needs and ladies involved in domestic violence just to name a few.

The mission of the Inclusive Hub is to empower people of all ages and abilities through exercise and education.

Says Liam, “We do this because no one else in the UK provides this service and it creates better citizens, respite for parents / carers and reduces medical costs. We have uphill troubles in terms of zero funding and we rely solely on volunteers and people’s goodwill.”

Read more : https://theinclusivehub.co.uk


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