Welcome Therapy Professionals

Welcome Therapy Professionals

Our Valued TherapyPro Friends

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We really appreciate you helping to make our our online Therapy community a productive and great one!

Your TherapyPro FriendLevel enjoys all the privileges of our Premium FriendLevels, with access to the TherapyPro private (hidden) Group and FriendTalk Forum (not accessible to personal FriendLevels).

As a professional user, you may also join one or more personal FriendLevels, but please note that any posts in a professional or marketing capacity must be done with your TherapyPro FriendLevel.

Letter to our TherapyPro Friends

Dear Therapypro friends and colleagues,

Thank you for your participation in this venture. We are happy to have you here because we know the sort of quality and meaning you will bring to this venture. Let me introduce you to our team- People in the team have had therapy or are trained therapists. D for example, counselled in the army. he now develops websites such as TF. F helps us with marketing and financial advice, loves talking about the mind, and is always planning to take therapy if only he could find the right therapist. I am a psychotherapist in private practice. My other half is in the team. Both of us took therapy when needed.

We have seen people going through relationship breakdowns and felt the effects of absence, loss and the ensuing emptiness and isolation and wanted to do something for a long time. Therapyfriends is probably that ‘baby’ which has come from wondering about how clients have fared after their therapy.

How are therapy users going to feel about being on the same website as therapy professionals and vice versa! We have thought about it though we don’t pretend to have all the answers. This is a contentious issue so we looked around for inspiration. We saw that over time, some websites have already managed this issue-the counselling directory has events ‘only for professionals’ and ‘general’. I attend events and find my clients there, unintentionally -this is because they are either trainees on therapy courses or professionals themselves. It cannot be avoided given the nature of the work. Like minded people do come together naturally!

And yet, we as professionals, understand the need for some ‘wall’, some boundary to protect mutual interests. In Therapyfriends, the exclusive Therapypro is for professionals. You can safely discuss matters there and we will be continuously building a portfolio of activities for you, depending on the mood and needs. I would like to kick off by saying -group meditation. Also, the writing group.

We expect that counsellors and psychotherapists adhere to their professional boundaries in case they come across their ongoing clients. Ongoing clients require the safety of a relationship devoid of social interactions so we at TF do not condone such activities which will infringe We cannot ensure who you might meet on this site though we make arrangements to ensure safety from trolls and fraudsters.


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