Welcome to All Therapy Friends

Welcome To TherapyFriends !

Continuing Our Therapeutic Journey Together

Welcome to TherapyFriends!

Continuing Our Therapeutic Journey Together

TherapyFriends is a friendly mental health website that informs your overall health and happiness.

TherapyFriends offers the reader articles on mental health research and related topics such as concern for our planet and inclusiveness of different modalities, ethnicities, colour and beliefs.

If you browse through TherapyFriends, you will find something that informs and makes you feel better.

We have regular well-being columns, and find-a-friend, friendly contests, and interest groups and forums which you can enjoy when you sign up!

Like-Minded People on a Personal Journey

TherapyFriends is dedicated to promoting a more self-aware and sensitive community.

We do not receive or seek government funding, so please support us with your memberships or donations.

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