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Autism, Stress and Good Parenting

Parents with a solid co-parenting relationship are less stressed and more hopeful. Maryam Abdullah, Greater Good Magazine. February 2021. Pic: Julian Hochgesang Parents, in general, are under a significant amount of pressure during the coronavirus pandemic. Those who have been able to switch to long-term remote work arrangements are simultaneously helping their children stay engaged with online…

Unanswered Questions About Dark Matter

In the 1930s, a Swiss astronomer named Fritz Zwicky noticed that galaxies in a distant cluster were orbiting one another much faster than they should have been given the amount of visible mass they had. He proposed than an unseen substance, which he called dark matter, might be tugging gravitationally on these galaxies.

Marriage Restoration:A Caring Project

While the ultimate success of any therapy is the couple’s commitment to staying together and fully investing in whatever they need to do to make it work, therapists need to do their part to provide a supportive atmosphere that provides hope, safe connection, and real tools to help couples achieve their goals.

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